Stoke City FC

The film features Stoke City players framed by a series of high powered multi coloured LED lights. Each of the ‘Arri sky panels’ is mounted on a dolly & daisy-chained allowing them to travel in an arc behind the subject.

Johnny explains how the idea evolved, “my treatment, realised from possibilities, curiosity and new technology was a development of the agencies initial idea of colour projection and camera movement. Projecting colour has an effect on the hue of the kit, so would be unacceptable and camera movement is expensive. However, I still wanted to create something dynamic. I’d seen a test with a series of lights circling a dancer and realised something similar would work. After research & testing of new LED lighting systems, I came up with the solution and wrote it into my treatment.”

Agency – Drummond Central

Creative Director – Kev Hughes

Director / DP / Editor – Johnny Carr