What we did

  • Concept & script development.
  • Production of photography & video shoot.
  • Direction. Shoot. Edit. Delivery in formats for upload to website.
  • Graphics & AFX. Music selection.
  • Design & build of interactive website.

Commissioned by Emmerson Marketing

Campaign Video

About the film

We filmed some of the 1st team players, the chef from Yellows, their mascot at Carrow road, the stop frame animation of the subbuteo players, the invisible man, the fashion model, the attempt at bouncing the ball across heads and the children’s slide.

All other scenes were supplied by the club including some footage of Stephen Fry, which we edited into our final cut.


The website features a page that allows the user to upload a video of their own, which will then be judged and rated.

The best 20 clips will be re-edited into the final film which we will be uploading in August. The best and most interesting clip will be chosen by the club and the creator will get the chance to meet Stephen Fry.