Michael McIntyre

Showtime DVD opening

What we did

We were contacted by Fulwell 73, a London based production company, and asked if we could help with a production for Michael McIntyre’s new ‘Showtime’ UK tour.

The brief was to deliver a 60 second film, which would play prior to Michael entering stage.

Michael’s idea was to be shown in his dressing room environment, bald with rotten teeth, being transformed by a series of robots into the MM we know and love.

It was a huge challenge. The meticulous planning to ensure all the correct shots were collated, music and sound effects perfectly aligned, communication with the post house went as smoothly as possible, was imperative.

This level of CGI is normally aligned to six figure budgets. We were not that fortunate. We had to be incredibly resourceful and imaginative to create solutions for the hurdles we knew we would encounter. Mask Creative’s skill and experience of working within restrictive budgets whilst managing to achieve the highest production levels was perhaps Fulwell 73’s reasoning behind their choosing us for the work.

The film is featured on Michael’s DVD, and also features a behind the scenes film of the days filming.


  • Commissioned by – Fulwell 73
  • Directed by  – Ben Turner & Ben Winston
  • Produced by – Johnny Carr
  • Scripted by – Johnny Carr, Ben Turner & Ben Winston
  • Shot by – Johnny Carr
  • Post production by – Studio 6
  • Sound Production – Adam Nabarro Steel