The film

What we did

We produced a film for web use to promote the new range of buggies.

Script & treatment development. Photography & video production. Wardrobe and styling. Green screen studio shoot. Music production. Edit. Animation. Graphics & AFX, Delivery in web compatible formats.

We presented detailed story boards and music suggestions, and once approved, took the concept into production. The green screen footage was captured at Litestructures, a large drive in studio in South Yorkshire, which facilitated our need for head height for the crane shots. All the background images were shot as stills, and included some interesting French alpine architecture, as well as various shots from around Sheffield and Leeds.

We worked on the green screen footage to create an edit for client approval before layering up the background stills to finalize the cut.

We commissioned a bespoke background track to ensure originality. Click here to see some of the behind the scenes imagery.

Commissioned by – Mamas & Papas

“ Working with MASK has been a very enjoyable journey from beginning to end, with a great team of people who are full of energy and ideas, make sure every element is thought through and considered and will do everything and anything to deliver a fantastic result. The results speak for themselves, and so I’m looking forward to our next project together. ”
Caroline Cawood, Product Marketing Manager, Mamas and Papas