About the film

The film is a development piece, and being used as a trailer to show potential investors the cinematic style and overall ambiance the intended feature version will convey.

“Since we started the project 3 years ago, Roy and I have written and re written ideas to help formulate a definitive screenplay. As it currently stands, we are happy we now have enough to proceed. The story is a very simple one of love between mother and son, of life and death.

“Although the trailer as it is here, does not convey the intended narrative of our developed script, it does have an emotive undertone, which although lacking dialogue, will form the basis of the film.”

  • Johnny Carr – writer, producer & DP.
  • Music – Royston Langdon
  • Vocals – Joan As Police Woman
  • Screenplay – Johnny Carr
  • Director – Royston Langdon & Johnny Carr
  • DP – Johnny Carr